Cameras & Equipment

Camera Kit

Haydn has many cameras available for hire, including the new Sony full frame sensor camera Sony FX9.

  • SONY FX9 Full frame 6K sensor, various Prime and Zoom lenses.
  • Sony A7Riv with selection of Prime and Zoom lenses.
  • GoPro cameras and accessories.
  • Monitors, Mattbox, Filters, Batteries, Tripods and much more.


  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro. With Hasselblad camera and 1-inch sensor.

Lighting Kit

Haydn has available an extensive lighting kit. Including,

  • Various LED soft bank light (mains or battery supply)
  • Arri 650W, 300W, 150W freznel lamps
  • Lowel Rifa Soft Light
  • Camera Paglights
  • Dimmers, Cables Stands and Gels
  • Reflectors and black-out drapes


  • Rhino Ultimate Slider, a complete 4-axis slider setup that can capture anything from a dynamic interview with a 15lb cinema camera to a vertical day to night time-lapse with a mirrorless setup.
  • Wally Dolly, 4 metre portable tracking system.

Crew Vehicle

  • 4 seater VW Transporter van with separate shelved luggage compartment